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Tree Cups

Phang Nga


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Truly Great Coffee

Tree cups coffee cafe (Takua Thung, Phang Nga) 🌳
The shop is located on top of a magnificent tree. Before reaching the store Drive into the palm plantation through the scenery 🌴🌴🌴 overlooking the mountains ⛰ Nature on both sides 🌱🌿 Interior atmosphere decorated with nature The cafe is in a single tree. The symbol of this place. 🌳 Don't miss to take beautiful photos . The recommended menu here is #Cocoa Blasillian, delicious, mellow, not greasy, suck and enjoy, suck and enjoy . Ready to enjoy the breeze The light in the evening Fill your lungs with fresh air Beautiful

Pour-over Coffee 


Introducing you to Pour Over Coffee Brewing

Why shouldn’t you just brew an amazing cup of coffee at home?

Brewing coffee at the convenience of you home is becoming increasingly popular. When scrolling through your Instagram feed, do you wonder why are a new generation of people becoming obsessed with brewing their coffee through a small plastic cone?

It enables you to control every variable in the brewing process to create a cup that's exactly suited to your taste. This post is confined to pour over devices, but if you're interested in other methods then check out our Beginner's Guide to Immersion Coffee Brewing.

We have been doing it for quite a while now, and I’m here to convince you to give it a try.  Goto see

Specialty Coffee | Tree Cups Phang Nga Coffee | ตำบล กระโสม
Specialty Coffee | Tree Cups Phang Nga Coffee | ตำบล กระโสม


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

Why you should make coffee in this way

It’s cheap to make at home 

You don’t need complicated equipment or machinery

The process is relatively simple

The taste is much more complex, less ‘intense’ than espresso coffees.

This “ritual” forces you to slow down for a few minutes (rather than pressing a button on a machine).

It makes you realize that you don’t actually need milk, sugar, syrup, that’s used to masks the flavor of BAD coffee.

The strange satisfaction in considering a takeaway coffee, and then realizing you can make a far better one at home :)

Things that affect the taste of coffee, in order of magnitude

  • The bean, and how it’s roasted

  • Ratio of coffee to water

  • Length of extraction (how long the coffee is in contact with the water)

  • The grind (coarseness / uniformity)

  • Atmospheric pressure during the extraction

  • Water temperature

  • Other water characteristics (hardness, taste etc.)

  • Other countless small things

When we’re brewing, we’re really just focusing on ratio and length of extraction. If we get these right, we should end up with a decent cup of coffee.

Things you need

Good filter-roast coffee beans. 

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